Saturday, February 23, 2008

why Hillary should win the nomination

Hillary Clinton speaking today in Cin. Ohio gave a passionate speech about why she should be nominated by the Democratic Party.
The striking thing listening to her as opposed to Senator Obama is that it is clear that she represents the values of African Americans and liberal democrats much more than Obama.
The best example that she gave today was:
Stop Foreclosures and freeze interest rates, and force companies to try to work-out a plan with homeowners. Today she added the line, if we were talking about a big corporation who needed help they'd get it. Absolutely correct.
This is a plan that disporportionately would help African Americans because of the high number of "predatory" loans in our community.
This is the type of plan you would expect from John Edwards, Dennis Kucinch, Al Sharpton, and yes Jesse Jackson.
In fact his response to her plans have been to criticize them from the "right" as possibly promoting "moral hazzards" of people acting wreckless in hopes that if it doesn't work out the govt. would bail them out.
For years, I've heard many A.A.'s ask, "what has the Dem. party done for blacks"? I've always had numerous answers so as to win the debate, because it is such a ridiculous question.
But in this debate, first Edwards, and now Hillary CLEARLY have policies that benefit blacks more than Obama. They are clearly more liberal.
They are better for this country.
I pride myself in being a policy wonk, a "newliberal" who looks at each issue and judges it on the merits. I have no problem supporting the "left" when they are right, and supporting the "right" when they are right.
Hillary and the "left" are right about this mortgage crisis.
We need to spread the word about her plan, and Obama's refusal to offer something that would matter.
Those supporting Obama should care that his coalition can't be sustained:from Ben Nelson to Barabar LeeFrom McKaskil to Kennedy
He's getting support of people who supported and still do support the war and people who would never support any war.
He's getting support of DINO's and people who think Dems are too conservative.
In addition, he's carrying the dreams and laundry list of African Americans' grievances.
Obama should be clear what he will or won't do now. If he wins under these circumstances, both he and the party could be headed for ruins.
See George Bush 2000. You might argue he got elected twice. But he's leaving office with his party a minority at all levels of government, his ideology discredited, and most likely a dem white house landslide.

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