Monday, February 18, 2008

Which is it Senator?

Barack Obama is now facing the first of many reality checks. Once you base a campaign on "words", "inspiration", and "hope" then you relegate those very words to higher scrutiny.

Back when he and everyone else never thought Senator Obama would win the Democratic nomination Obama made a pledge to work together with the Republican nominee to preseve the public financing system in the General Election. It is another one of his campaign statements that sounds great and makes him appear bipartisan and different than other politicians. Now he has 3 bad choices.

1. Keep the pledge - which would show that he is not ready to run the country. If things stay as they are now, Obama can raise an unlimited amount and contest all fifty states. The Republicans would have to defend Virginia, Georgia, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Louisiana, and other Red States. They would be at such a disadvantage because every rhethorical message they attack Obama with, could be overpowered by more money and more people on the ground. The major reason Obama is in position to win the Democratic nomination is that he ha so much more money than Hillary. Take that away, and its' a clear Hillary victory. If Obama voluntarily gives up this advantage it would show he doesn't have the tenacity to do what it takes to win, and govern in a tough world.

2. Be non-commital - which is what he is doing at the moment. This contradicts his message of being a different kind of politician. "Not being afraid of what the Republicans will say". He will look weak and get blamed for switching positions whether he ultimately does or not.

3. Switch positions - which is what he should do. He will be a "flip flopper" and be atacked in the media and from all sides. It was a stupid pledge, and totally unnecessary. This shows his inexperience. His followers should get used to Obama getting into "dumb" situations. He's never been on the big stage, and will be tested over and over again. Of Course every candidate will have major problems as a candidate and if they ultimately win. But this episode may actually wake up some of the "cult-like" following of Obama that he is just like the rest of us.

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