Friday, February 1, 2008

Hillary seems to be slightly ahead of Obama

A view at a littany of polls being released Friday night seems to confirm that Hillary retains a small lead over Obama. This lead is not uniform throughout the country. In the south Obama seems to generally be ahead. Throughout the rest of the country it seems Hillary has a small to moderate lead in many states. The important states for Hillary to win are:

New York
New Jersey

She also has a good chance at winning:


Given the right turnout and a surge in her voters Hillary is close enough in the south to win Alabama and maybe a few other states.

As of Friday night, I feel confident we can get 60% of the available delegates on Tuesday.

Though initially I thought the race could be ended on Feb. 5th. It looks like our best case scenario is to take a commanding lead and then finish Obama over the next few months.

What we must do is to maintian high standards. Try to win everywhere and as big as possible.
Keep the pressure on Obama. Either make him make a mistake or just overwhelm him.

So far. So Good.

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