Saturday, February 2, 2008

Election update: Hillary is in control as of today

24 hrs is a long time in politics especially when Super Tuesday is less than 72 hours away. But the evidence as of right now is that Hillary Clinton is cementing her lead in the Democratic nomination race.
The Gallup poll had her jump from 3 to 7 points last night to a 48 - 41 lead. Based on what was happening, that would indicate the sample polled just yesterday must have had Clinton over 50 and Obama around 41 at the most. A Rasmussen poll that found Clinton gaining 2 points to 45 while Obama stayed at 37 indicated a double digit lead in last nights' sample also.
A look at state polls, like this one from TEXAS has the race in that state:
Clinton 48
Obama 38.
That is my best guess as to where this race is nationally also a 10 point lead as of 3:27pm Saturday.
Hillary Clinton supporters should work hard to promote our candidate. Avoid any negativity towards Senator Obama. I think the campaigning season is over. Now is the time to invigorate our side to organize and vote.
The bigger our win on Tuesday, perhaps we can end the race with a grand gesture:
Clinton - Obama 2008 ticket.

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Richard_Payne2 said...

Here's a nice positive piece to use/email to young voters about Hillary Clinton actually getting the job done. Please distribute it as widely as possible so as to energize the base!

The comments that follow the piece illustrate the problems of getting anything out in the Blogosphere that is pro-Hillary.