Monday, February 25, 2008

Democrats: Why let others choose our nominee?

Stop independents and republicans from choosing democratic nominee

I find it ironic that some of the most partisan and liberal democrats are comfortable having Republicans and Indepedents choose our nominee. If you look at the nationwide popular vote, it is clear, that Hillary has a majority of Democrats, and Obama's edge comes from OVERWHELMING support from Indepedents and Republicans.
For example according to cnn exits:
California:Obama won independents 58 - 38Hillary won Dems 57 -38
Missouri:Obama won Indepdents 67 - 30Obama won Republicans 75 - 21Clinton won Democrats 50 - 47
Connecticut:Obama won indepedents 62 -32Hillary won Democrats 50 -48
Wisconsin:Obama won all groups BUTObama only won dems by 7 pointsObama won Rep's and ind's by over 30 points
I could go on but people who are the LEAST committed to a democratic agenda are choosing our nominee. Think about it, the people who:
1. supported the Iraq war are picking our nominee
voted for George Bush are picking our nominee
detest the term "liberal" are picking our nominee
I'm sure part of that vote is a cynical, Anybody But Clinton vote, who will not vote for Dems in the Fall. One Swift Boat Ad and they will flee to McCain.
But for the ones who are sincere, I still question the wisdom of having open Primaries, where people can walk up and vote in a Party race.
This is one of the reasons we have Superdelegates to stop the Primary process from going haywire.
Remember, if Conneticut Republicans and Independents could vote in their primary in 2006, JOE LIEBERMAN would have won.
No problems with that, right?UPDATE! I forgot my SOLUTION: Make it a rule that anyone who votes in a Presidential primary of one party, must vote in that parties primary throughout the next election cycle. So if you vote in the Democratic Primary in 2008. You must vote only in dem primaries until the 2012 election cycle. This would ensure that people don't go back and forth corrupting both parties.

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