Friday, February 1, 2008

Clinton wins debate in Hollywood

It was a historic evening in American Politics where for the first time America tuned in to a debate among the favorites to become the next President of the United States and found an articulate and appealing African American man, and a supremely beautiful and clearly more experienced woman. Hillary Clinton demonstrated that she was ready to be President on Day 1 last night. It was evident by her demeanor and response to this gigantic spectacle that no matter the circumstance Hillary is our best option to succeed as a party and as a nation. Whether the questions were concerning domestic isssues, foreign policy, or of a personal nature, the public got to see a true professional do what needed to be done. When talking about healthcare, Hillary not only presented the policy reasons why her plan was superior, but she laid out the case of why it was important that Democrats protect the legacy of fighting for Universal Health Care. On the failing economy, Clintons' detailed proposal to help ailing homeowners demonstrated her commitment to help those struggling to stay in the middle class.
In foreign policy Hillary navigated tough terrain about a past Iraq vote very well while focusing the voters on the complex future that awaits. Clinton kept a spotlight on the failures of the Bush administration and how she had the experience to bring positive change.

I agree with the decisioin to "go positive" in this first 1 on 1 debate. I think as of today, Hillary is winning the most delegates in the Feb. 5 states, and can increase her margin by showing her charming and engaging side. I like her strategy to encourage the female vote, and to stoke the pride of having such a capable choice to finally vote for. Also, I think Hillary won back some of those African Americans that had fled to Obama by being so eloquent.

With four more days until Super Tuesday, all of those who support Hillary Clinton should focus on her positive attributes as I think we've raised enough doubts about Obama. Hillary is very intelligent and well schooled. She is well traveled and has been in the key situtations for years. Her record demonstrates 35 years of making positive changes in health care, helping veterans, and standing up for a progressive America.

Plus she is very easy on the eyes!

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