Monday, February 4, 2008

Clinton Team, Let's win the next 2 days!

The New York Giants won the Super Bowl! I thought they didn't have a chance! Now as a series of polls from Zogby and others are released, to my surprise, it seems once again Hillary is the underdog. Well,


This is our time. Our the next 36 hours we are going act as if Zogby is correct, and make a comeback. We will win through determination, intelligence, and the hard work that is necessary to be President of The United States.

The next POTUS will have to deal with terrorists, a failing economy, and other unforeseen events. Super Tuesday is a great way to demonstrate who is ready to lead on Day 1.

Many people have cheered and others complained that Hillary will do anything to win.
Well, let's hope they are right, because now it's time to Win.

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