Friday, January 4, 2008

Zogby correctly polls 2008 Iowa Caucus

Pollster John Zogby who has been rightfully criticized for questionable tactics as a public pollster laid his reputation on the line yesterday on the Democratic Caucus in Iowa. Zogby had a 4 day tracking poll that began with Hillary at 31 and ending at 24. It was suspicious in that the drop was not credible. I suspect he changed his formula midstream to conform to the Des Moines Register 's poll that showed Obama with a large lead. I fully expected him to waver or equivicate by the end of the day, but NO. Zogby posted on Huffington his final projections after second choices:

Where authenticity reigns supreme

the prediction was:

Obama 37.7
Edwards 33.7
Hillary 28.8

This is strikingly close to the results: O38,E30,C29

Congratulations to Zogby international.

I am officially supporting their results again, until further notice.

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