Monday, January 21, 2008

yellowdem1129: how Hillary should respond to Praise of President Reagan and disregard of President Clinton

You know Senator Obama said last week, that...

Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that my husband and our administration did not. He went on to describe how there was a sense of dynamism and optimism and how President Reagan tapped into a frustration about the excesses of the 60's and 70's.

well as we celebrate the legacy of Dr. King tonight I think we should look at the facts:

President Reagan though he was a great communicator often was on the wrong side of history:

*He opposed the Dr. King holiday for a long time before finally agreeing
*He ignored the Aids epidemic for most of his time in office that has devasted the black community
*He supported the racist apartheid regime in South Africa
*He tried to weaken the 1965 voting rights acts and also defunded civil rights enforcement
*He cut federal programs like medicaid and school breakfast and lunch programs that were designed to help people reach the middle class.

see Reagan a legacy of states' rights

I could go on but to list President Reagan whose term was a disaster for African Americans as a
positive symbol, and yet disregard how the Clinton Administration changed the trajectory of America:

*we had the lowest ever recorded rates of unemployment for African Americans
*the highest homeowner rates ever recorded at the time
*the highest number of African Americans enrolled in college
*7 african americans cabinet secretaries and appointed more African Americans judges to serve than the previous 16 years.


We found ways to make the government work for all americans and to work towards building one america. THAT CHANGED THE TRAJECTORY OF AMERICA. It was not inevitable, we had to work for change.

Because of the Republicans who were following President Reagan's legacy, there was an assault on American values. The Clinton Adminstration stood firm and defended Affirmative Action as a way to give qualified people an equal chance at success. And probably the best evidence that the Clinton Administration brought change to America, take a look at the Republicans:

In 2000 in response to our accomplishments, the Republican National Convention, many joked looked like the Rainbow Coalition's national convention! Also, instead of Repubicans trying to win votes by demonizing those trying to make it into the middle class, they have tried to convince people they are better than us at diversity, and that there was a compassionate conservatism alive.

Well the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina told the real truth about the Bush Administration, but during this campaign when Senator Obama says these statements that just aren't true, I think you the voters deserve the respect of having the record set straight.

I have been fighting 35 years for change. Some of it, you can see right here in S.C.
There are ___________ childen who have healthcare because of the Schip program I helped to pass. There are ____________ veterans who have their benefits because of bipartisan legislation I worked on. I represent Change for the better. If you want to know what change I'll bring look to past to see what changed I've already done.

making the word "liberal" safe again!

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