Sunday, January 6, 2008

To win War use overwhelming force

I know the Obama people and others believe it's a problem when we as citizens fight and argue incessantly over politics. They show how naive they are with that sentiment. Politics is war without bloodshed. That is the point. People disagree no matter what. To base a political movement on people getting along would be just as silly as basing your life on not breathing.

People will fight with tremendous zeal, emotion, and anger. The question is whether the end result is death as in Pakistan with Bhutto, or political defeat in an election. There are stories in the press portraying dissention among the Clinton ranks about whether and how hard Hillary is to go negative against Obama. I have the answer:

Go negative with overwhelming force. If it doesn't work:

Go negative with overwhelming force, again.

This should include all types of issues, his character, and any personal items you might have found.

Some decry "negative" politics. I have one standard: Is it true?

Hillary must know by now it is not a good strategy to expect the Press Corps to be fair and do their jobs. The right-wing media, the msm, and the other campaigns have gone negative on Hillary and it has worked.

I will reserve final judgement until its' over but, I want more from Clinton. I expect more from Clinton. Obama should have to withstand a sustained barrage of attacks. Do them head on. From the Candidates mouth. I don't think he will survive. But if he does, he'll be a stronger General Election candidate because anything the Republicans bring up will be old news.

Here's the lesson for today:
Get on offense and stay there. Attack, wound, Kill.

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