Thursday, January 17, 2008

Left is determined to lose Iraq War

The commentary on the left concerning the Iraq War generally falls within two camps: the war is going horrible or ..... That's right the other option is to ignore success, and the possibility that tomorrow can be better than today. This is not only bad policy but horrible politics. The HuffingtonPost which has come to symbolize the mainstream left reports today about a

Female Suicide Attack

BAGHDAD — A female suicide bomber struck black-clad worshippers preparing for Shiite Islam's holiest day, killing at least nine Wednesday in an attack that highlighted insurgents' widening array of tactics against a U.S.-led offensive in key areas on Baghdad's doorstep.
A witness said people shouted slogans against al-Qaida in Iraq as they carried the dead and wounded from the blast scene near a marketplace in Diyala province _ a region of farmland and palm groves northeast of Baghdad that holds strategic havens for extremists.
Diyala remains one of Iraq's most violent regions and is a main battleground for U.S. and Iraqi troops trying to overwhelm al-Qaida strongholds in the capital and elsewhere around the country.
Many extremists fled for safer ground before the new offensive began last week, reducing the expected threats from roadside bombs and ambush attacks. But insurgents left behind a more unconventional _ but still deadly _ landscape of booby traps and tripwire explosives.

Of course the above story should be covered, but so should the recent developments that will allow people who were apart of Saddam Hussein's political party to participate in the new Iraq. It is dangerous when anyone is more committed to their political stance and ideology rather than making a genuine effort to assimilate the facts on the ground into a coherent policy. The beauty of America is the ability of opposition parties to criticize and offer a new path. However those in the mainstream need to be responsible and realistic.

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