Monday, January 14, 2008

Krugman hits target Obama again!

In the New York Times Paul Krugman is still willing to tell the truth about the Obama campaign. Most columnists would have succomb to a false sense to be balanced, even though by honestly looking at the issues is balance in itself. The mainstream media should follow Mr. Krugman's lead. Honestly look at each issue and tell the truth. This is much better than trying to create an artificial sense of equal press treatment when it isn't warranted.

The Obama campaign’s initial response to the latest wave of bad economic news was, I’m sorry to say, disreputable: Mr. Obama’s top economic adviser claimed that the long-term tax-cut plan the candidate announced months ago is just what we need to keep the slump from “morphing into a drastic decline in consumer spending.” Hmm: claiming that the candidate is all-seeing, and that a tax cut originally proposed for other reasons is also a recession-fighting measure — doesn’t that sound familiar?

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