Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just Tell the Truth under Oath

It seems there is an epidemic of Perjury investigations in the public arena. Whether it is Lil' Kim, Martha Stewart, Michael Vick, or Scooter Libby, there are too many public figures who knowingly tell falsehoods rather than expose an embarrasing truth. There are cases such as President Clinton's perjured testimony in the Paula Jones case where the truth really would be more damaging than a lie. He would have been forced out of office and then pursued had the truth of Monica Lewinsky came out within that 1998 firestorm. That is still wrong, but at least understandable. But now people who are either given immunity or simply are not under any threat of prosecution are wrecklessly lieing only trying to save their reputation. They should either be quiet or tell the truth. In one of the latest cases Congress is investigating the case of Miguel Tejada who lied about steroid use. This story should impact on the Presidential race. We should have a President and other public officials who have integrity to tell the truth in difficult moments:

Justice Department asked to investigate Miguel Tejada

The House committee holding hearings into baseball and steroids promised an early news nugget, and it delivered: The committee formally asked the Department of Justice to investigate the star shortstop Miguel Tejada on the suspicion that he made false statements to the committee nearly three years ago.

The government should continue to pursue these cases vigorously and make sure to seek the harshest punishments. Our legal system requires and is predicated on truthful investigations and testimony. It can not be left to each individual to determine what they wish to disclose.

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