Thursday, January 31, 2008

First real debate tonight!

Tonight is a chance for Hillary Clinton to demonstrate that she will be ready to lead this country on Day 1. Barack Obama won't have anyone else to protect him from the truth as has been the case for months now. Hopefully the moderators will resist the urge to fill the void of the failed candidates who have withdrawn from the race.

I believe Hillary to be generally ahead in this race but the msm's negative approach towards her candidacy is always a threat to derail this historic pursuit. Hillary must be ready to pursue her agenda in this debate and ignore what is not in her interest. I think Hillary should get and stay on offense and attack Obama the whole night. She should demonstrate that Obama is giving false hope to people that by electing him all of Washington will change. At the last debate in South Carolina Hillary performed well by staying aggressive, and Obama was only saved because of Edwards' presence.

Good Luck tonight, work hard to show America what you are made of!

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