Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Caucus bias against Hillary?

I'm starting now to think the Iowa Caucus vote went against Hillary for 3 reasons:

1. All of the Campaigns wanted to make sure the race went on, so they made Obama their second and sometimes first choice.

2. People who work for a living, and don't make a salary make up Hillary's base. They might not be able to take the time out to go to a caucus. They work at Walmart, 7 11, and other stores.

Whereas in a primary like New Hampshire people can go vote at any time of the day.

3. Weather might matter. Nice weather, not cold, not snowy might be good for older voters to vote. In Iowa it was freezing.

So we might start looking at these types of factors. People may love the process, and politics; they may want change; but the realities in their life are more important. Going to work, staying warm; staying safe.

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