Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another smart campaign move by Clinton

Craig Crawford's analysis concerning the Democratic Primary has been among the best in the pundit class. Here is his take on Hillary Clinton's South Carolina strategy:

For the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday, it makes no sense for Hillary Rodham Clinton to play to win.
It would be better for the New York Senator to let her African-American rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, win South Carolina on the strength of his appeal to the black vote and instead shift her focus to the mass of 22 states that are voting on Feb. 5.
Clinton should play hard in the Palmetto State, as a sign of respect for a crucial voting bloc in her party’s base. But playing to win would require more divisive attacks on Obama that could alienate African-Americans for a November run, if she gets the party nod.
In the Democratic debate on Monday night in South Carolina, Clinton pressed a forceful case against Obama’s readiness to serve. Enough said. She and former President Bill Clinton should head for the high ground in the remaining days before South Carolina votes.

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