Sunday, December 30, 2007

Religious voters consider Democrats

Voters who are truly religious have tough choices to make. Both parties tolerate things that they shouldn't. The Democrats have people who promote cultural relativism and a lack of high virtue. Republicans are often hypocritical in their willingness to deliver on campaign themes. In addition their economic policies often ignore the least among us. The Concord Monitor looks at some voters who traditionally vote Republican but are having a difficult choice in 2008:

Voting Republican used to be an easy choice for Neil Burtt, founder of a Concord marketing company.
Burtt, a member of Grace Capital Church in Pembroke, is an evangelical Christian. An undeclared voter, he respected the GOP's stance on moral issues like abortion.
But Burtt is also the founder of REACH, a Christian volunteer group that delivers socks and supplies to homeless people. And recently he has begun to feel that the Republican Party is out of touch with social justice issues that are close to his heart.
"Republicans in general are strong in moral issues such as abortion, but when it comes to supporting those that are in need . . . certain support where it's really needed isn't there," Burtt said. "I've tended to vote Republican most of time because of moral issues, but lately it's been really tough because I've seen a lot of things on the Republican side that are not very moral either."

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