Thursday, December 20, 2007

Obama is out of touch with maintream America

There are many reasons why 2008 is not the time for Barack Obama, but the compelling reason for me is his typical "good government" approach to politics.

See Dukaksis, See Gore, See Kerry.

The idea that your response to an attack on your character and fitness to serve as President of the United States is to talk about how you're not going to be attacked is not presidential. The strategy of "setting the record straight"?
It is a loser. It should be a loser.

The latest averages of New Hampshire polls show Hillary with a six point lead. Regardless of the specific polls, and my prediction of a Hillary sweep, I think its' fair to look at the past 6 weeks as Obama showing he's not ready for the Republicans. With polls from Iowa and NH generally showing at a minimum that Hillary has stopped her slide(?)Obama has to accept that at her weakest she is still leading by double digits nationally. What has he done wrong?

Barack Obama and his campaign haven't gotten on offense and attacked Hillary Clinton personally. In the past 3 weeks, the Clinton people ignored the "Iowa and NH voters don't like negative attacks" nonsense, and assaulted Obama's character and background. Amazingly they've done it on the record.

Sure, there have been apologies and explanations but the end result is:

1. Obama has used Cocaine
2. Barack Hussein Obama

Osama Bin Laden is evil. He doesn't play by fair rules. The Chinese government lies all the time. The politics of Cuba are 3 and 4 dimensional. You have to play hardball to pass bills in Congress...and so on.

We need a President who is fundamentally a good and honest person, BUT who knows you have to fight hard to win in a complex world. They must recognize if you stay on defense, and let your opponent attack you, you will not survive, certainly not succeed. You have to attack on as many fronts as possible while acheiving reachable goals.

A person who can execute a quip in a debate is not as impressive as planting a negative story on a candidate in broad daylight, and then saying "sorry".

So sorry ,Senator Obama, first its' the Dem nom., then the Republican attack machine, and then it's the Terrorists.

You can't HOPE your way into the Oval Office. You have to work for it, day by day, and show us Americans that you have the determination to lead the greatest country ever created.

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