Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hillary supporters don't let media spin our Victory

I fully expect Senator Clinton to win both Iowa and New Hampshire next month. I also anticipate a media story that tries to devalue that feat by asserting that the races shouldn't have been "that close" and "this shows a real hesitancy" among democratic voters towards Hillary.

The facts are that for over 7 weeks Hillary has endured a negative press, while Obama has been the illegal recipient of campaign funds through a fawning "echo chamber" press corps. I think the individuals in the press prefer Hillary to Obama because of common sense, but just like a child they can't resist the "wild side".

Lucky for them, this 2 month period has given Hillary the chance to prove her true strengths while also energizing the entire Democratic base. Today's debate will be a great opportunity to see Hillary make a strong move. It may be subtle, or something akin to a nuclear bomb( my preference). I'll be here to document it.

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