Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Democrats should increase the use of the death penalty

I coined the term newliberal to describe my approach to politics. It means I use logic and facts to decide what's best for America. I start from the premise that the U.S. is the greatest country ever known, and our job in the public square is to maintain that and perfect it. I reject dogma from the leftists or the conservatives that invite people to suspend their God-given talents for the sake of ideology.

This leads me to support:
abortion rights, gun control, affirmative action, environmental protection, etc.

and also to support:
lower taxes, more choice in education/healthcare, and THE DEATH PENALTY

Today, Democrats in New Jersey DID THE WRONG THING by outlawing the use of the Death Penalty. It will and should hurt my party in upcoming election cycles. Republicans will demagogue the issue, even though they don't have the courage to institute a death penalty system that would work to make us safer:

- Make all first degree murder cases eligible for the Death Penalty

This would eliminate the disparities that occur concerning race/economic status by taking away the discretion of the prosecutors. Also it would validate a good principle: if you with pre-meditation and malice intentionally kill another person, you will be executed.

-Force all practicing lawyers to accept indigent defendants and pay them their normal rate , including money for investigators and a vigorous defense

-limit the appeals "technical"/constitutional appeals process to 6 months and carry the sentences out.

There will always be criminally insane people and others who won't ever be deterred, but the facts show many murders are committed by "regular" people who make evil choices. Often it is over money, love interests, criminal enterprises, etc. These people will absolutely respond to the real threat of death rather than some 20 year process that may/may not occur.

It is ridiculous that "tough on crime" politicians executed only 53 people last year across the country. This when there are thousands of 1st degree murders each year. The effective use of the Death Penalty will make the country safer. Right now, it is a waste of time and money.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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