Thursday, December 27, 2007

Examples of media bias against Hillary

Hillary Clinton will overcome a hostile media to become a great 44th President of the United States

We should become inundated with poll results over the next few days. Here is my prediction of the coverage:

1. Edwards surge - It will be called an Edwards surge!
2.Obama surge - It will be called a trend towards a historic achievement
3.Hillary surge - It will be discounted because of college students away, people not paying attention, skeptical methodology, or the result of dirty tricks

Expect scenario #3 to materialize. Hillary will take a lead in both Iowa and New Hampshire. This is because she is the only qualified candidate among the top three.

Edwards is unqualified based on experience and judgement.
Obama is unqualified based on experience and judgement.

It is my sense that even fair-minded white Americans are not going to vote for an unqualified black person. Even though there is a current running through the media to "shame" them into it.

Were Obama qualified, Hillary would be in trouble. She'd still win, but the Historical arguments would work against her. For now the history being made is that the former First Lady, and a Lady is going to win Iowa on January 3, 2008.

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