Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Examples of the media bias against Hillary

Reuters newswire, MSNBC and others still did political coverage on Christmas Eve yesterday. Yet, they didn't find time to report the latest American Research Group Iowa Poll:

Hillary 34
Edwards 20
Obama 19

Now I know what many may say: It was Chrismas Eve, and they weren't up to speed on the latest information. But they had enough time to show polls that benefited Obama. Reuters had the time to post a story about a mistake the Clinton campaign made on forms urging voters to caucus on the wrong day. In addition they have numerous negative stories circulating throughout the web talking negative about Hillary and the polls.
Even though other polls taken during that same time period display Hillary with a big lead. The media is still covering news throughout this week. Had a poll come up showing a big Obama lead, without a doubt it would be the talk of all the networks on their updates, and throughout any chatter shows. Hillary is in the very select group of democrats who the media generally hates. One good omen for her is that the group is made up of former Democratic nominees. The media hated Kerry, and Gore. Both of them made history however. Gore, winning more votes than all of his opponents even after serving with an Impeached President. Kerry getting the second most votes of all-time. Hillary is different from both of those candidates in that she doesn't have an idealist view of politics that leads to naive strategies. She knows it is war against many interests including the press, just to do good by the American People. So with 9 days left until the first election of 2008, Merry Christmas, and let's work for a historic victory.

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