Sunday, December 23, 2007

Examples of Media Bias against Hillary

Hillary Clinton will overcome a hostile media to become
a great 44th President of the United States
From Meet the Press:

"Two races, two parties, two nominations and nobody knows who's going to win. "

Maybe true for the Republicans, but
This being said on 12/23/2007 where the average of national polls show:

Clinton +18.6

A survey of the states shows that were the election held today, under many different scenarios Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination in a landslide:

For example using a calculation of porportional delegates from all states:

Hillary wins 1557
Obama 854
Edwards 445
Richardson 111

According to current state polls: Hillary leads in Fl,NY,Cal and in most states nationwide.

Hillary Clinton's biggest obstacle is a negative press that is trying to invent a Barack Obama or John Edwards viable challenge.

"A new conventional wisdom is taking hold that Barack Obama beats her there (Iowa and NH), he could run away with the nomination."

Of course this is ridiculous, that a national frontrunner, fully funded, fully vetted, and with institutional support could be derailed by 2 or 3 early states' voting. This is especially true under the particular circumstances where voters in these states are expecting (because of the media) personal attention from a potential POTUS. Once Feb. 5 comes, there will be more of a normal election cycle where voters will know the candidates through their websites, news reports, and t.v. ads.

Were Mr. Russet to have made a true and fair statement:

"We have two races, one completely wide open with 4 potential nominees, and the other with a national frontrunner being challenged in the early states".

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