Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Democrats should elect a President who promotes Sexual Morality

This story about Britney Spears' 16 yr old sister being Pregnant is a another sad indication that we lack Presidential leadership on many moral issues. We need a President who will promote traditional marriage including abstinence until matrimony. Yes, along the way we should teach Family Planning for those who refuse to listen to reason; But we should set a goal with a comprehensive approach of promoting lifetime marriages, less out of wedlock births, and less abortions. This can be done if we approach the issue foremost from a spiritual and moral point of view. Then we should make sure the societal and financial implications of behavior lead toward doing the right thing. We need to transition away from the non--judgemental language that is so pervasive, and return to a more objective morality. This time it should be coupled with fact-based solutions.

The politicians who claim to support traditional marriage, should actually do it. They can and should stay married to their spouse for a lifetime. In doing so, they can promote the healthy and positive aspects of commitment and family loyalty. We need a movement that says it is wrong to get a no-fault divorce. Perhaps offer incentives to get and stay married, and penalties for no-fault divorces especially with children in the picture. For every objection, there's a reasonable answer. We need 16 yr old girls dreaming of a married future so bright that they would value their bodies more than their teenage passion.

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