Saturday, December 15, 2007

74% say most won't vote for President who used cocaine

In a New York Times poll in June, 74 percent of respondents said they did not think most people they know would vote for a presidential candidate who has ever used cocaine. "In the few polls that explicitly ask about cocaine use in a presidential candidate (as opposed to the softer more generic 'Drug Use,')" says one Washington, D.C. insider, "Seventy-four percent say cocaine use makes a person unfit to be president. It's the highest negative apart from 'no government experience.' Put differently, never in the history of the presidency has a front runner openly admitted to using cocaine. So now that Obama is talking about the drug use more often, I am absolutely certain it's because he and his team know that the cocaine issue is going to roar forward. It will be a major issue if he is the nominee.The GOP will ride it hard and he is trying to inoculate."

Full article from Iowa paper on 12/6

Does anyone notice the John Kerry nature of the Obama campaign? The whining that the other side is playing dirty? Their idea of fighting back is to release a press statement quickly? Obama is quoted as saying the "truth" presented forcefully is the best defense. That is a ridiculous approach to politics. You can't win on defense. This whole episode proves Hillary is the best candidate for the Dems to win the WH.

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