Monday, November 5, 2007

Conservatives should demand Rudy defend his liberal positions

As the days have turned into weeks and months, the Guiliani campaign for President that I and so many others thought was doomed from the start is not only surviving but succeeding. A wash. post article detailing the latest poll results had the temerity to proclaim that Rudy has ONLY a 14 point lead. They were comparing this Republican race to ones in the past where there has been a prohibitive frontrunner. But...

The story of this election so far is that the Conservatives in the Reublican party are allowing their party to be taken over by secular tax cutters! At some point the grass roots need to demand that candidates take on Guiliani's liberal positions and play hardball.

It seems everyone running is content for the media to say "Rudy has some liberal social positions" and then assume the electorate will automatically recoil away from him. So far, not so good.

Well, they get the big bucks, and maybe they know what they are doing, but for my money, I'd be running ads:

"Rudy thinks a woman has a constitutional right to use abortion as birth control." Call Rudy and tell him that we in the Republican party don't think we have the choice to kill our babies."


"Rudy calls Hillary a "double talker" and "liberal"; well did you know that as mayor of NYC, Rudy not only sided with the liberals; he was the leader in filing a lawsuit against Gun manufacturers. He was trying a backdoor way to take away our constitutional rights. Now today, Rudy says he doesn't support the same lawsuit, he filed. Call Rudy, and tell him we can't beat Hillary with Hillary-lite."

Now, my dog in this fight is that I want someone to champion traditional American values. I wish it would be the Democratic nominee, but no luck. So while I won't vote for a Huckabee, we need someone like him and even stronger as a moral guidepost.

One of my goals is to transform the Democratic party into a mainstream group that champions the proper causes. This will be increasingly difficult if the areas where the Rebulicans do stand honorably they begin to falter. That will lessen the pressure on Democrats to improve.

Imagine a Republican was running in favor of tax increases to balance the budget and save Social Security. You can't do it, either? Republicans need to determine whether they are as serious about moral values as they are about taxes. The political system must stop the slide toward defining deviancy down.

Time is running out before the voting begins. Stop Rudy and support a moral conservative.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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